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Torren is game where you explore a world that has recently lost its color due to an mysterious creature who has appear.

I have been working on this game for a while and would gladly appreciate some feedback or suggestion. Thank you for taking the time to check out the game.

For best experience use an xbox360 controller. The game can be play with a controller or keyboard & mouse. Please make sure the game is running on Fantastic or Beautiful setting for best result.

Special Credit

Kai Engel

For the music.


  • Movement = A,W,S,D
  • Jump = Space
  • Talk = X
  • Start game = A
  • Look Around = Mouse

XBOX360 GamePad Controls

  • Movement = Left Joystick
  • Look Around = Right Joystick
  • First Person View = Click Right Joystick
  • Jump = A
  • Talk = X

It case of a bug or being stuck on stuff

Restart = num 0

Start a new game = num 9


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This is a cool and creative little adventure game. The graphics are simple yet pretty, the music is atmospheric and the story is short yet interesting. I like the simplified world in how its colors pop. The story follows a young man simply trying to live in his world. When suddenly it begins changing drastically. My only complaint with this game is it's abrupt ending. But it does it in a way that leaves it open to a sequel. I really hope to see more added to this game and it's story. All in all a short and sweet little adventure with an interesting little story and I look forward to seeing more. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.

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Thank you for the kind words. I'm planning to add more to the project as I get more free time.

Interesting. The game title still has Trump Hate Facts (visible in the loader) :D

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Thanks lol I forgot to remove that. Just fixed it.